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The solution to your specific, or any other storage problem can be found in the HOLDMOR SHELVING SYSTEM, the storage method now being used in offices, factories and warehouses all over the world.

The HOLDMOR system may be built as a free standing, back to back, continuously interlocking and double decked units.  Drawers and doors can be added to the system making all or part of the shelving into a cabinet.  Filing cabinets and counter tops are, in addition, part of the HOLDMOR range of accessories and serve to further widen the wide variety of storage problems with which the system can deal.

HOLDMOR introduces a revolutionary, modular, design that makes instant adjustments possible without the use of any tools.  The shelf is simply lifted, two support pins are placed in the ready drilled holes at the required height and the shelf is re-inserted.  This system and HOLDMOR's light weight allow easy expansion, assembly, adjustment or dismantling and re-building in another location without any damage to the components.


HOLDMOR SHELVING supports a load of 60 lbs/ft and is given life-long protection from buckling or bending by laminating the top grade kiln dried pine in its manufacture under a pressure of 200 lbs/inch.  HOLDMOR can therefore carry everything from bulky cartons to heavy engineering equipment.

Wood is a renewable building material and the pine used in the manufacture of the HOLDMOR SHELVING SYSTEM is grown on plantations with a re-cultivation policy.

There are distinct advantages when using solid pine:

  • Wood has an attractive appearance and fits beautifully in office settings.

  • Wood is soft and friendly, it absorbs shocks when fragile products are placed on it.

  • Wood absorbs sound.

  • Wood is temperature friendly, it maintains a more constant temperature.

  • No condensation between the stored product and the shelf itself.

  • Rust free.


Uprights: Are either open or paneled with 3.2 mm Mesonite or 4 mm pine plywood.

Stiles and rails are 41 x 32mm laminated pine

Stiles are drilled at 50 mm intervals to receive the steel support-pins on which the steel angle brackets of the shelves rest.

All timber edges are Arris-rounded

Shelves: 21mm Laminated pine with corner-notches to accommodate frames and have galvanized mild steel angle brackets at each end which locate onto support-pins in the uprights.  Front and back edges are Arris-rounded.

Back Panels: Are 3.2 mm Mesonite or 4 mm pine plywood.

Skirting: Are 79 mm x 21 mm pine, fitting below bottom shelves and between frames.

Work Tops: Are either Formica, laminated pine or laminated hardwood.  All exposed edges are Formica edged or Arris-rounded.

Doors: Are finished in exotic hardwood or plastic veneers.

Finish: Pine is select grade and finished all around as follows:

Shelves - 2 coats ultraviolet cured acrylic or polyester lacquer which is solvent resistant

Uprights - 2 coats nitro-cellulose hot-spray lacquer

All surfaces are smooth sanded before lacquering and between coats




  • Hanging-file units

  • Storage shelving

  • Built-in-wardrobes

  • Mezzanine-floors

  • Room-dividers

  • Counter-units

  • Pigeon-hole units

  • Riffle & Pistol racks


  • Laboratory units

  • Library shelving

  • Classroom cabinets


The HOLDMOR SYSTEM arrives on site in complete knock-down form.  The units are easy to assemble, and consist basically of vertical uprights and adjustable shelves.  A full range of matching accessories can be added, e.g. lockable doors, back panels, skirtings, work tops, inter shelf divisions (partitions), drawers, etc. to make it a truly versatile shelving system.  Timber is kiln-dried pine and is fully clear-lacquered.

Library System:  Adjustability

Each shelf may be adjusted by simply raising the shelf to the required height and inserting support-pins in the ready drilled holes.  The support-pin is housed in a cavity machined in the shelf to prevent any protrusion, which can cause damage to the books.

General Storage System  

HOLDMOR SYSTEMS feature a simple patented 'locking' devise in metal.  The easy adjustability of each shelf means that the storage capacity of each unit is increased while space wastage is reduced.

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