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The Hanging System
The holdmor II storage system provides graceful and cost effective solutions to common problems encountered while storing Integrated Circuit Boards, Printed Circuit Boards, and files used in the Printing Industry.   In addition to standard construction, holdmor II frames and bag supports are ALSO offered in Stainless Steel.  Together with any of the holdmor II LDPE or HDPE storage bags, this will become a CLEAN ROOM approved system. With many standard sizes, PLUS the ability to custom design to your specifications or existing cabinetry, holdmor II is your choice for board, film and artwork filing.

Bag Supports
Each bag has its own dedicated hanging device.  A bag can be removed from a base frame by unhooking the bottom of the hanger and sliding the bag forward.  Re-filing the bag is done by sliding the bag back onto the bottom portion of the empty, now waiting, bag support.
The bags can be used for storing original artwork, film, glass masters, first production pieces, drawings, documents, renderings, etc.  

Custom Designed Bags
Besides the standard holdmor II product line, MDI Corp. also manufactures custom designed bags.  If an existing cabinet, frame, etc. is already in place, MDI Corp. can design a dedicated system to fit this existing hardware.

Film and Artwork Transportation Caddy
This caddy makes it possible to collect film in the archive or manufacturing areas and safely transport the delicate film to any other area where it is going to be needed.  The caddy can also be used as a staging area, or a convenient small mobile storage unit.
Bag Types

Standard holdmor II Bags
Standard holdmor II bags are top loading and closed with a single flap, to keep dust and moisture out.  The standard bags are manufactured from .008" thick LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene).

holdmor II bags can also be manufactured using .008", .010:, .012" and .015" thick HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), anti-static, or static shielding materials upon request.  The HDPE material is mostly used for the "Hanging Folder" type bags (as shown below).


Hanging Folder Type Bags
This type of storage folder has been designed specifically for bulky type items and where removal of "contents only" is desired.  This type of bag is ideal for storing artwork, film or documents in a separate TYVEK envelope, together with "first run" production samples, etc.  These bags are designed to fit on all holdmor II frames, and can be used individually, or in conjunction with standard holdmor II bags.

"Clean Room" Requirements
holdmor II frames and bag support can also be supplied in STAINLESS STEEL.  Together with any of the holdmor II LDPE or HDPE storage bags, this will become a CLEAN ROOM approved system.

Available Standard Bag Sizes:
Outside Bag Dimensions Maximum Contents Size Bag Type
12" x 10"

13" x 20" / 21"

26" x 20" / 21"

26" x 31" / 32"

26" x 37" / 38"

35" x 45" / 46"

1.5" x 9.5"

12" x 19"

24" x 19"

24" x 30"

24" x 36"

33" x 44"






Silk Screen/Artwork

Other sizes and custom designed bags can be manufactured upon request.

There are two distinctly different types of storage/filing bags available:
1.  Bags which can be removed from the hanging device (complete with contents) without losing its dedicated position:

  • Single pouch with cover flap (standard holdmor II).
  • Single pouch (open on top - non standard)*
  • Double pouch (both side open on top - non standard)*
  • Double pouch with one cover flap (one pouch open - non standard)*
  • Double pouch with two cover flaps (non standard)*

2.  Semi-removable bags with hanging devices as an integral part of the bag itself (consequently, when these bags are removed fromthe base units, the dedicated position is lost).  The contents should be removed only.  These bags are meant to be stationary in base frame and function more or less as a mailbox/file folder (can also be sued with TYVEK envelopes holding the to be stored film and/or artwork).  

  • Front Loading (three sides closed, opening in front only - non standard)*
  • Hanging Folder (three sides open - non standard)*

*  Items marked with the asterisk, and printed in italic red print are non-standard 
and will be quoted upon request.


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