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Highly accurate film, masks, patterns and other sensitive large items need reliable protection during handling and storage.  For this purpose, the Mofisto storage system has been developed with the ZIP-BAG.

The zipper sealable, transparent ZIP-BAG is rugged, easy to transport and each SYSTEM-SHELF (tier) offers 100 storage positions, allowing for a maximum of storage capacity with a footprint of only 600 mm x 1000 mms (24" x 39").  

The System-Shelf has 100 plastic glide tracks with a length of 600 mm (24"), for a reliable support during  removal and insertion of the ZIP-BAG.

The search of a certain Zip-Bag is easy.  Each bag protrudes 50 mm (2") or more from the System-Shelf.  labels can be read from the front, without the need of pulling the ZIP-BAG forward from the System-Shelf.  In addition to the labels mounted on each Zip-Bag, there is a label mounting surface of 28 mm (1") high at the front of each System-Shelf.

Sliding adjacent bags to the right or left, to make room for removal or replacing a bag, as is necessary for other systems is not required.  With a simple tug at the front edge, a selected Zip-Bag will easily glide from its stored position into the collector's hand.  The dedicated space of the removed Zip-Bag remains available for re-insertion after use.

Top tiers can be accessed just as easily.  When inserting the Zip-Bag, the support glide rib must be placed in front of the selected track slot and with a slight push the Zip-Bag will glide back into its storage position.

The Shelf System with Zip-Bag

The complete closed Zip-Bag provides an optimum protection against dust, fluids, scratching, tearing, nicking, curling and spilling of contents during transport and storage.  With the plastic bag material, there is no danger of paper or cardboard particles being transferred from the bag to the stored film.  The zipper opens and closes very smoothly.  The carrying handle simplifies handling during loading and transportation - this also applies to large size film.

Is the Zip-Bag Safe for long time storage?
The plastic material used has been selected based on recommendations from the photographic industry and is considered ideal for the long time storage of photographic film materials.  Other materials may cause harm.  We have this type of Zip-Bag for more than 10 years, without any damage incidents.

Is the Zip-Bag environment friendly?
The Zip-Bag is made out of a specially formulated PE, which can be recycled with other plastics.

What additional protection does the Zip-Bag offer?
Against fire "side effects" such as water (sprinkler system), smoke and others.  This has been proven already during actual fires.  Should a bag catch fire, no harmful (acid) smoke is produced, as is the case with PVC bags.

Is it possible to store other items with the film material?
We recommend using an additional bag for storing hard items such as:  cassettes, panel samples, etc. to avoid scratching of the stored film.  We also offer a bag (without a zipper and at a lower cost) for this particular situation.

How do I select the proper size Zip-Bag?
The useable bag opening is about 20 mm less than the published width of the bag.  The tolerance of the width is +/- 5 mm and of the height +/- 10 mm.  
  • A Zip-Bag size 650 x 450/500 (25" x 17"19") will accept artwork with a maximum size of 625 x 440 mm (24" x 17").
  • The bag length will determine the number of System-Shelves (tiers) that can be installed.


The Mofisto Modular Shelf System
Two frames, two tie bars and one or more System-Shelves are necessary for constructing a base storage system.  The System-Shelf is 1000 mm (40") wide and has 100 tracks for storing Zip-Bags.  For the first 1000 mm base frame two upright frames are required, for each additional 1000 mm wide frame, only one upright frame is needed.  The System-Shelf is positioned with a simple set of 4 pins in holes placed at 50 mm intervals in the frame uprights.  The system height usage for different bag length can thus be optimized.  Standard frames are available in length of 2000 mm (70"), 2500 mm (98") and 3000 mm (118") and in different colors.

What is the storage capacity per 1000 mm (40") base width?
This depends on the selected frame height and distance between System-Shelves.  The distance between shelves equals the overall length of the Zip-Bag plus 40 mm (1.6") for the System-Shelf.  Storage capacity examples:

2000 mm
2500 mm
3000 mm
500 mm
300 bags 400 bags 500 bags
605 mm
300 bags 300 bags 400 bags
840 mm
200 bags 200 bags 300 bags

Necessary footprint for the shelf system?
Footprint for a base frame is 1030 mm x 600 mm (40" x 24") and with each additional frame unit there is an increase of 1000 mm (39").  The frame depth of 600 mm (24") will increase to 650 mm (26") as a result of the Zip-Bag width being 50 mm (2") wider and more for even wider Zip-Bag sizes.

Combining the Mofisto System with other existing hardware, such as cabinets or other shelving?
The System Tracks used in a System-Shelf can also be supplied as individual Track-Blocks with 10 tracks.  These blocks are supplied with pre-drilled mounting holes and wood screws for fastening.

Maximum weight a System-Shelf can handle?
The standard System-Shelf has been tested for weights up to 180 kg (400 lbs.).  To date, this has been found sufficient.  If additional weight becomes a requirement, we can easily accommodate.


What must be considered with selecting the frame weight?
The system as high as 2000 mm (79") can be used without the aid of a ladder.  Top tiers of taller frames need to be accessed with a ladder.  If the full height of a frame is not required (adding Zip-Bag heights of necessary tiers together), the top tier can be mounted at a lower position than the top of the frame itself to accommodate better access.

The Mofisto T-Kaddy
The mobile T-Kaddy is an ideal addition to a stationary shelf system, or an ideal solution for limited storage needs.  Transportation of film, etc. from the storage area to the work place is greatly simplified and the Zip-Bag can be accessed anywhere.

Ideal Storage Applications Using the Moderne Mofisto:

Film, Production Samples, Spare PC Boards, Control Tools, Test Adapters, Components, Etc.

Drawings, Renderings, Pictures, Disks/CD-ROMs, Photos, etc.

Print & Repro:  
Photos, Film, Scripts, Disks/CD-ROMs, Drawings, etc.

Datasheets, Leaflets, Instructions, etc.

City/Road Maps, Files, Pictures, Drawings, Instructions, etc.

Patient Profiles, X-Ray File, Emergency Plans, etc.

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