MDI Corp. offers several different storage systems.   

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The solution to your specific, or any other storage problem can be found in the HOLDMOR SHELVING SYSTEM, the storage method now being used in offices, factories and warehouses all over the world.

The HOLDMOR system may be built as a free standing, back to back, continuously interlocking and double decked units.  Drawers and doors can be added to the system making all or part of the shelving into a cabinet.  Filing cabinets and counter tops are, in addition, part of the HOLDMOR range of accessories and serve to further widen the wide variety of storage problems with which the system can deal.



The holdmor II storage system provides graceful and cost effective solutions to common problems encountered while storing Film and Artwork used for the production of Integrated Circuit Boards, Printed Circuit Boards, and files used in the Printing Industry.   In addition to standard construction, holdmor II frames and bag supports are ALSO offered in Stainless Steel.  Together with any of the holdmor II LDPE or HDPE storage bags, this will become a CLEAN ROOM approved system. With many standard sizes, PLUS the ability to custom design to your specifications or existing cabinetry, holdmor II is your choice for board, film and artwork filing.

The Mofisto system provides fast identification, maximum space saving, versatility and potential computer guidance.  The dust proof transparent ZIP-BAG with a glide rib insures safe storage, better and faster availability for in process handling, allows better organization and provides the perfect solution against pollution and damage.  Ideal storage for small and large size film, SMD screens, drawings, pictures, and may other items.

Gillis products offer a tremendously wide range of storage and filing solutions.  Just some of the Gillis line includes Industrial Shelving, Carts, Carriers and Equipment Stands, Steel Cabinets, Service Carts and Shop Trucks.  In addition, Gillis offers Rolling Steel Ladders, Work Platforms and Gaseous Cylinder Cabinets.  Available in thousands of models and sizes, and differing materials including metal, plastic, and Plasteel.  

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